What I do

I am an innovation strategist. I help organizations innovate effectively by designing business and operating models to uncover new lines of business or create new businesses, deliver future possibilities, and delight customers, ultimately delivering sustainable growth. To achieve these goals, I develop strategic possibilities that are Desirable, Feasible, and Viable (DFV), employ a human-centered approach to understand the customer’s pain points, motivations, and needs, and deploy rapid prototyping to effectively design attractive value proposition and business models.

Organizations today face lots of challenges, and the need to innovate is paramount. Although organizations accept the need to innovate, their definitions of innovation, strategy, and design differ. Hence, there is a gap between what is required for success and what is delivered. As a learner, futurist, and strategist – based on my top 5 Clifton Finder strengths – my job is to help organizations design innovation strategies that address

Innovation & Design Strategy


Social Transformation